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Random Thoughts on few personalities!

# Jyothika and Surya were blessed with their second child, their son, named Dev. First is a daughter named Diya. Two typical North Indian names, gives you a hint whose diktat rules in the family. "Thatha" Sivakumar talks about "Kambaramayanam" and the beauty of Tamil for hours!

# Naresh Gupta, retired as Chief Election Officer of Tamilnadu on July 31 after 8 years in the post. He was a simple, honest and upright officer and never gave-in to the Chief Ministers of the day. Karunanidhi even commented that Naresh Gupta hasn't met him after he took over as Chief Minister in 2006. But the reply from Naresh Gupta was that he is holding a Constitutional Post and he needn't go and meet the Chief Minister. Requires lot of guts to say that! Poor man, should get his PF and retirement benefits correctly.

# Umashankar, another IAS officer known from his integrity is being hounded by the present day Tamilnadu Government. Guess for what, for going against the wishes of the Government. Once a blue-eyed boy of the CM Karunanidhi, he is currently suspended and fighting it out in the Central Administrative Tribunal. Lucky, he has got spontaneous support from various quarters including the all powerful his caste based parties. Learn that there is also a big resentment among the IAS lobby becos they are apprehensive what fate is in store for them if you don't toe the politicians line. Lets see who wins this one!

# M K Stalin, what is the secret of his youthfulness? He let it out in one interview when he said "that he starts eating when he is hungry and finishes his meal when he is still hungry". I think thats a good habit to follow. Eat only 3/4 of the stomach. You can become another Stalin - like person!


Deepu John said...

Hi Venkat,

Whats der in a name? From the first line i was thinking that you are going to give congrats to surya and jyothika for giving north indian name to their children. More over they haven't thot whether the name is north or south but should be different to hear. After all perception differs.

Deepu JOHN Alias.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Deepu: It is Surya's and Jothika's choice to name their children. But as a couple who have earned all their living thanks to Tamil audience and Surya's father who keeps talking about Tamil and its heritage and culture, they could have considered a name which atleast sounds little Tamil. Thats all.