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Blog roll updated

Blogging is a very demanding hobby, if I may say so.  It is very easy to start a blog and post couple of posts but soon the interest fades away or  you get busy with other things in life, the priority for blog posts goes to the bottom of the to do list.  At times, the first few posts let your creative juices flowing and slowly you are struggling to come out with interesting posts to capture the readers' attention.  Is this called the bloggers block?

You are considered a regular blogger if you are able to update the blog with at least one post every week.  If you are able to update even more regularly, then you are an avid blogger, I would say.  I think, with the advent of twitter in a big way, definitely bloggers have lost their patience to write more elaborately.  I know some bloggers who update their twitter more frequently but not their blogs.  Blogsphere is losing their valuable contribution. 

Likewise, the blog roll I have in my blog has been updated sometime back.  I see that many of the bloggers have stopped updating their blogs.  Therefore, I have added the blog roll now with the blogs I find interesting and read regularly.  My preference for blogs is where people write about day to day things, with lots of humour where possible and may be with a Tamil background, though not necessary. 

Few interesting blogs, I venture often:

1. Deepak Iyer - News you can't use -
Mostly picks out news items and adds his own humorous comment to it.  Good thing about this blog that he updates everyday. Quite a feat, I would say!!

2.  Vishy -
Gone silent for few weeks but back again now.. Hope he continues to write. 

3.  Narendra Shenoy -
Middle aged man's perspective.. dont take me wrong Mr Narendra!!

4.  Idling in top gear -
An anonymous person with lots of patience to write lengthy and interesting articles.. at times personal, at times fictional.. interesting read.

5.  Aditya Shrikrishna -
Honestly, haven't read much of his blogs.. but he seems to be having lot of time to comment on almost all the blogs!! LOL!! Just for fun.. His blog roll is extensive..

6. Suresh Iyer -
He updates it regularly every week.. that is the good thing about him, predictability.. but I wish he writes more frequently.

I can't guarantee they would continue to write regularly but wish they do!! Happy reading!!!


narendra shenoy said...

Nice blogroll! I'm honoured to be in it. "Middle aged" is actually flattering, because my kids once asked me (I have to write a post about this) "Annie, how did people travel in ancient times? Like when you went to school"

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Narendra: Haha!! Your self-deprecating humour comes out clearly here.

Thanks for visiting.. I really enjoy reading your blog and would be very happy to see you writing more often.


Suresh Iyer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suresh Iyer said...

Thanks Venkat. Honoured to be on the blogroll!

You are right, blogging is a demanding hobby, especially in our profession! However, will definitely try to write more often. Currently in the planning phase; coming soon in 2011!


Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Suresh: oh, great!! Cant wait for 2011!!

Deepak Iyer said...

Just came across this.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Deepak: You rock!! Keep writing!

King Vishy said...

Aahhaa.. Ippo than paarthen..

Nandri hai!! :)