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My Cricketing Years

I somehow stupidly believed that I could be a successful cricketer and play cricket as my full-time profession,  if not for my father!!  I think every aspiring cricketer thinks that way.  Nevertheless, I spent good 12 years of my life, playing some form of cricket from gully cricket to being part of the district cricket team.  To borrow a famous phrase, I was thinking and living Cricket almost all the time. 

Those 12 years of my life, from 9 years to 21 years had all sort of experiences.  Few memorable and few forgettable!! I have done stupid things on and off the field in my cricketing career, if I may call so, as all great cricketers like Ian Botham, Viv Richards, Mohd Asif,  have done!! I have burnt bridges, ditched teams at the last moment, stopped talking to people, carried for long, despise  and superstitions.  When I look back, many of these actions looks juvenile.
I have been thinking about this for few days now and I want to chronicle them in a series of blog posts.  I have tentatively segregated them into four time periods but it can undergo change. 
  • Uncrowned King of Gully Cricket @ PAK Stadium 
  • Graduating to "Cricket Ball"
  • With the Big Boys
  • Fading out
It is going to take sometime before I can complete these and not sure if I should wait for completing all the four before posting or post it as and when I complete something.   Surely, it is going to re-kindle my memories and I want to re-live those glorious years where there were no pressure, except for performing on the field.  I will give it the best shot!


Anand said...

I have seen you playing tennis ball cricket in PAK and we have played together. those are golden days. fielding on a railway track !

Never got a chance to see you playing with cricket ball. What was the name of the club you were playing for ?
Always heard from friends you are a good spinner and have a good cricketing brain. Probably our state lost a good cricketer.

I always envy at kids going for training with full kit. Those days, We never got formal training.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@Anand: Thanks! Not sure if I deserved to be in the State team!!
I played for three clubs in the Tuticorin league.. Sealines, Seconds and PUSCO. More in the posts!

Suresh Iyer said...

Good PR. Eagerly awaiting the four (at least) posts.


Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ suresh: thanks! This week in glasgow on work. So when am back on 25th I would start working.