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There is something to "Kalyana Sappadu"!

If I sit back and think what gives me immense happiness and pleasure these days, one of the things on top of the list is a good "Kalyana Sappadu".  I have knowingly or unknowingly been enjoying this for some years now, I would say.  

There is something to the kalyana sambar compared to the daily sambar made at home.  Accompanied by a mor-kuzhambu and pineapple rasam it makes it divine for me.  How often do you get that? May be, once in couple of months.  So whenever I get a chance, I have started enjoying every bit of it.  I slow down my pace of eating and try to grind it more than the usual.  I also ensure that I take sufficient amount of vegetables but most of the time, it ends with handful of potato or vazhakkai curry, which is not that good any day.  Then I follow it up with the choicest of payasam served in paper cups.  I don't subscribe to this way of payasam being served but the convenience of the caterer wins.  Then you wind it up with Thayir Sadam and manga urukkai.  I can bet, the manga urukkai's served at marriage feasts are the best.  Even better than what is made at home or you buy from Ambika Appalam Depot or Suswad or Grand Sweets. 

I feel heavy after a meal like this (who will not??) but the mood definitely becomes upbeat.  There is definitely a connection between good food and good spirits.  More the good food merrier you are most of the time!!

There is something to this "kalyana sappadu"!!  It is sinful!!


Anonymous said...

Kalyana samayal sadham, kaikarigalum piramadham, indha gowrava prsadham, idhuve enakku podhum. ha ha ha...:-))

Good post Venky!


Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Vinay: Thanks!

Horizon said...

Nice one venkat anna. I understand what you say , these days however marriage food has become more commercialized with caterers vying for more money than stuff, it isnt the same as it was say ten years ago. However i do agree that eating Kalyana Sappadu is one of those kind which has a special feeling.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Naveen: I tend to agree that Kalyana Sappadu is becoming very costly these days.. A plate costs anywhere between Rs120 to Rs160 now, which I think is ridiculous.

But at times even after paying that much of money you end up getting mediocre stuff.. annoying!