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Niira Radia - a tough cookie!!

A lot has been said and written about Niira Radia and her "audio" tapes with the rich and famous. There are many things which stand out clearly from these tapes. 

1.  Our journalists are also part of the Indian loot story.  Why they should alone be left out when the legislators, executive (the babus across India) and all the sundry are involved.  Lets get into it and make a quick buck to start our own "Breaking News" channels!

2.  Just like in our office or family, politicians also have so much of ego.  Nobody wants to talk to the other party directly.  They think it is below their dignity to call the other person directly.  Just wondering what would have happened if Karunanidhi or Sonia Gandhi called the other person directly to discuss the portfolio sharing. Not to happen and I don't think people like Niira Radia's wont allow that to happen as well.  Because, this is their bread and butter!!

3.  Every news or an article is a planted one.  Look at what Vir Singhvi has written about the Reliance episode.  So as a newspaper reader, now I have to discount everything and figure out who the author is lobbying for or against.  That's sad!

4.  No big or serious business can be done in India without lobbying and power politics.  I was truly astonished to see the Tata's name getting involved in all types of things.  I was for one a staunch believer and supporter of Tatas and their ethical business model but alas, that too has gone for a toss.  Even they employ power brokers to get their things done or to ensure that the other person doesn't get his things done!! Whom to believe??

I read through most of the transcripts of the conversations, and one thing which is clear to me, is that Niira Radia's job, as a PR, is not a easy job.  So much of talking, cajoling, influencing, threatening, you name it, she has done it.  I don't really envy a job like this, even if she gets paid in crores!!

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