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Tamilnadu - MLC Election - An Appeal - Please read and forward to all graduates

Dear Friends,

Very often we indulge in or hear of criticism that our legislatures do not perform their duty. Conveniently on almost all occasions we do forget the fact that we are also partly responsible. That is most of us do not actively involve in the selection process of the legislatures. One of the common excuse given is that money power and muscle power play a huge role in that and we can not match that. Here is an opportunity for you and I, as educated ones, to undo that wrong and to bury that myth.

Tamilnadu Government has revived the Legislative Council, the Upper House, in the governance of the State. As you know the legislatures to this Upper House are selected and elected by various representative bodies and forums like the members of the legislative assembly, members of the local bodies from Panchayat to Corporation, the teachers, graduates and so on. In other words the Legislative Council is a unique body that is designed to have the wisdom of educated people and professionals. Thus two segments of the electoral college consists of people who are educated - the graduates and the teachers. It is enjoined upon them to register themselves as voters to get involved in the process of electing a legislature to the Legislative Council.This is the remarkable difference from the adult franchise that goes to select the MLA to the State Legislature and the MP to the Lok Sabha. In other words the educated population have a definite role to play in shaping the destiny of the state in particular and the nation at large by actively involving in the process of electing the members to the State Legislative Council.

That is what you and I have now. We have a great responsibility now - to elect a member to the Tamilnadu Legislative Council.

The Election Commissioner of the Tamilnadu Government has called upon the graduates who are residing in the state to register themselves as the voters in the electoral college of the Legislative Council. Let us remember that it is not restricted therefore to the natives of the state otherwise known as Tamils. Like in the general elections the registration is open to all those who reside in the State. Yes, it is irrespective of one's nativity or from where one has graduated be it Tamilnadu, Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh or Gujarat. All that is required: a graduate from any part of India or outside even, and residing in Tamilnadu. I appeal to you to register yourself as a voter to the forth coming elections to the Tamilnadu Legislative Council.

The State has been divided in to various regions. Chennai City and the ajoining districts of Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur constitute the Chennai region. Graduates living in Chennai City, Kancheepuram District and Tiruvalluvar District come under Chennai region. The registration for Chennai Region can be done in any one of the ten zonal offices of the Corporation of Chennai and the taluk offices in these two districts. The procedure is very simple. An application is to be signed answering a few simple questions like Name, qualification, occupation, age,address, from where one has graduated etc and filed at the concerned office. Please find attached a copy of the Application for Registration as Voter to the MLC Election for your ready reference.

The registration commences on November 22, 2010 and closes on December 17, 2010.

You may go in person or send your representative. The documents to be attached are

(i) Self-attested ‘Photocopy of your Degree Certificate’

(ii) Self-attested ‘Proof of Residence’ (bank passbook, post office recurring deposit book, ration card, passport, driving licence, IT returns, electricity / water tax receipt / telephone bill)

The original Degree Certificate and the proof of residence relied up on may have to be shown for verification.

It is said that well begun is half done. The first half of this exercise - electing a MLC representing the graduates from Chennai Region to the Tamilnadu Legislative Council - is to register in the Voters List. The next half is to vote. Fortunately the vote comes to your residence. Yes, the election is by postal ballot. You can discharge your responsibility to the nation by sitting at the comforts of the arm chair of your house!!

I know some of you are living outside Chennai. But then you have your friends, relatives, colleagues,well wishers and associates through your profession in Chennai City and the neighbouring districts of Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur. You may please share this with them and impress upon them to participate in this noble mission.

This effort and initiative of yours will set the beginning of the end of money and muscle power in governance. It will go a long way to prove that mind is superior to money and muscle.  Please see that you, your family, relatives and friends are registered first and vote later.

You can download the form here:

Else, drop me a line at and I can send you the document. 

Thank you.

Vande Mataram!!

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