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No Pain, No Gain!

It is exactly one year since I stopped going to the gym regularly.  Yes, its a kind of revelation for some but that is the fact.  After being a regular at the gym for 2 straight years, a kind of self-pity and lethargy creeps in and it happened to me as well.  It all started with lame excuses like rains and holiday season.  The reasons came flowing as November rains in Chennai, that is, intermittently, late working hours, travelling too long to office, having a gym in the office itself then why outside etc.,  Most importantly at the bottom of my heart I longed for a break, I guess and I got it.

Originally, when I stopped in Dec'09, I was under the belief that I would start once the new year starts.  This new year didn't start exactly the way I wanted.  Was down with Chikunguniya in the last weeks of December and continued to experience weakness during the first month of year.  When there are people around you to tell that I should rest and not strain myself by going to the gym, would there be any motivation to go? Absolutely not.  Then came the job change in late Jan'10 and the long travel everyday.  It was draining my energy and I wanted the routine to settle before I hit the gym again.  But I could never settle and the office timings changed in between in April/May'10.  Back to square one.  Returned from office around 2'o clock in the night and going to gym in the morning was not at all a good option.

Then the idea of utilising the gym in the office itself came up.  I got a good partner, Sadasivam as well.  I was regular for the first 10 days and again the long distance and general bad environment in work and life didn't support it any further.  I managed some thirty days of gym with breaks in between but that also fell through.  I switched job again in August and decided to get started with the gym.

I can't figure out why but it never happened in September to November.  Three months I loitered around without taking up any membership in the gym.  I think,  possibly it has something to do with my better than ever before scores on the Cholesterol and Lipid profile.  Even when I was regular to the gym, I never got  these beautiful figures over the last 2 years and suddenly with no gym for 9 months or so, you lipid profile shows excellent improvement.  I was not convinced about the numbers and did 2 further checks to confirm that the lipids profile has become better.  Then how one would get motivated to go to the gym??!

I should say, since the last 6 months or so, I have been eating crazily.  No restrictions on sweets and got emboldened with the lipid profile results.  But for the last one month or so, I have been feeling that I have been putting on weight.  When one fine morning I decided to check my weight, and it has gone up by 4 kgs over the last 12 months.  A kind of enlightenment happened.  Thought about the fact how I struggled for 2 years to bring down the weight by 10 kgs and finally gave it away all in the last 6 months was not meaningful.  So on Dec 1, I went back to my old gym, Abinaya and enrolled myself again.

My luck or lack of it with the gym doesn't end there.  The day I enrolled the gym announced that they are moving to a new premises and decided to shut shop for 7 days.  So I have to wait again for another 10 days before I started all over again.  I have been going to the gym the last 2 days and I am slowly trying to get back into my old routine of 45 minutes of work-outs.  I am determined this time that I should not let go and I have kept myself an ambition of losing this 4 kgs over the next 3 months.  By March'11 I should be back to where I was 12 months ago.


Suresh Iyer said...

All the best! Similar story here, but I don't even want to talk about it! :-)) Hopefully my next set of new year resolutions will take care of it...:-)

Good to hear about the improvement on the cholesterol and lipid profile!


Suresh Iyer said...
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Suresh Iyer said...

By the way, in this case, no pain has actually resulted in a gain of 4 kgs! :-))


Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Suresh: Exactly!! I like the pun.. I thought of even changing the title of this post to "No Pain, You Gain"!!

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