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Rajdeep Sardesai and CNN IBN caught with their pants down!!!

Rajdeep Sardesai and CNN IBN caught with their pants down, almost literally!!! 

Read the story by clicking the link

Remember this episode of fudging the viewers' comments on TV programs happened after the Niira Radia tapes expose.. Imagine what all these Media guys would have done before that!!! Irony is that CNN IBN gets caught while discussing about not so legitimate "lobbying". Vested interests and vexed people!! Rajdeep Sardesai, shame on you!!

Time for a revolution!! 

Thanks Sudharsan V for sending this across.  

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Nagarajan said...

You are spot on Venkat..This fellow Rajdeep Saredesai and his wife Sagarika ghose are shameless idiots and have a strong political leaning towards congress. The entire world knows that. If you could recall their election predictions for Gujarat during 2007, these people along with their panel predicted a thumping loss for Narendra Modi but what happened is history now. Narendra Modi's charisma swept Gujarat. They never loose a single opportunity to throw mud and dirt on the Hon. CM of Gujarat. These two anchors in Ibn are pro congress and pro pseudo secular elements who lobbied so hard to get few awards. This fellow coined and tried desperately to popularize the term "Saffron terror". My blood boils whenever I listen to Rajdeep and Burqa who anchors Nation Damaging TV.

To call them Shameless would be an understatement. They are anti social elements.