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Folks, now I am on twitter as well. @venkysdiary.  Click here to follow me. I have been delaying my twitter debut for quite sometime but the bug finally hit me before the year-end.  I also found that most of the regular bloggers are updating regularly in Twitter compared to their blogs.  Usually you read somebody's blog, start liking it and get to follow their twitter posts as well. Has been trying out for the last few days and honestly am not very gung-ho with Twitter so far!? May be, I sound little different from most of the others who have tried Twitter and fallen for it!! But I think otherwise!

The reasons for me is due to the limitation of 140 characters for a message, the need to continuously tweet as it a very short message form, and your frequencies should gel before you start appreciating the tweets of people whom you are following.  Not like a blog if you don't like it, you don't just visit it.  Once you start following somebody, whatever he/she tweets appears on your homepage on twitter.  At times I have found some tweets from the persons whom I follow on Twitter and wondered what they are talking about.  It is micro blogging where even your minute-by-minute emotions/thoughts can be shared.  Has the good and the bad parts.    On the privacy part as well, it is much more open and transparent and no way to chose your readers (blogs are no different, unless you make it private).

But I am not going to shy away from this new challenge of "tweeting away to glory".  Sadly, the biggest loser over the last few days is my blog.  My thought process is tuned to communicate everything in 140 characters or less now!! But I have plenty of topics to write about.  Will be back!!

PS: I wrote this post and published it once.  Then on reading it for myself I realised that I didn't communicate few things properly. So I tried to re-write this post.  Is Twitter taking a toll on my writing so soon!!??


Suresh Iyer said...

You have now become twitterati!

Venkysdiary said...

@ Suresh: Yes, my fellow twitterati!!

Blogger said...

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