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I want my days to be packed!

I know it has been a long time since I wrote something.  Except for the forwarded New Year 2012 wishes, there is nothing I have written so far in this new year.  It is due to nothing but lethargy.  There are ample subjects to write about but my sheer inability to focus on this for the last so many weeks is the main culprit. 

It doesn't mean that I have been "very" busy with other things.  No. But that is how it happens with me.  I guess,  I like to work in pressure-cooker situations rather than take things at a leisurely pace.  It doesn't work with me, at all!  I have to still learn to do things even when there is no pressure to do.  Or I have to make it a point to write something like what this guy does, write every weekend! (Ok, he has also not updated for some time, it seems!)


A_Dee said...
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Suresh Iyer said...


Thank you for the mention on your short blog! Yes, indeed I have not been able to post anything in the new I have decided to limit my posts to once a month. Just for a change, wanted to see if it brings in any changes to the quality of the posts.

Continue posting anf enjoy reading...!