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Found my old favourite “Hero” pen

In my school and college days, I had a favorite pen with which I wrote all my exams.  This was a prized Black “Hero” Pen with a golden cap and I believed that whenever I wrote exams with this pen, my handwriting looked better.  I don’t exactly remember how I got this but I guess I bought it just before my 10th standard board exams.  Those days, the cost was Rs.50 or so and that was a big amount.  I religiously used the same pen for my 10th, 12th and all my exams in graduation till I completed my Chartered Accountancy.  It was such a sentimental one and I never tried any other pen for exams.  This is in spite of the  entire population moving over to ball-point pens. 

After all my examination days, I have kept it aside safely, giving it a pride of place in my possessions.  The other prized possessions are something like paper cuttings which carried my name for some cricket match scores.  I moved out of my hometown, lived in bachelor accommodations and then shifted couple of homes.  It slipped out of my mind and slowly the importance of this pen in my life reduced and to tell the truth I even forgot about it. 

After many years, recently while digging some old documents, I found this pen.  It kindled so much of fond memories of the exams and the success this pen gave me.  Of course, it was not this pen alone but this was the instrument through which I gained so much.  I turned nostalgic and re-wound how I used to take care of this pen starting from filling ink to ensuring that the original nib didn’t get spoiled. 

I am happy and lucky to have it back now and I have given it a pride of place again.  Yes, now it is in my shaving kit which makes me look at it everyday!! Do you have a pen like this in your life as well? Do share your experience in comments.    


King Vishy said...

Ah.. brilliant post :)

You are so right - 50 rupees was a big big thing in our younger days.. which is why I never had a Hero (or even Pilot) pen.. In fact, I never went beyond camel and camlin during school days :D But i remember using all-time great reynolds, rotomac (likhte likhte love hojaaye) and in later years, the fragrant Zee ball pen which was quite a rage in my school then.. The highest I went up the ladder was Addgel for my 12th standard board exam..

The little ones these days are so spoilt!! With their Nintendo DSes / iPods / iPads..

Venkysdiary said...

@ King Vishy, thanks! somehow I never used ball-point pens for exams.. it has to be ink pens.. guess, it was more sentimental and probably superstitious as well!!

Can't agree with you more on what you say about the present day kids.. we just throw money at things on their behalf, just to buy peace and get over the guilt!

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rajni sharma said...
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rajni sharma said...
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