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Do we really want to live in this country?

A comment posted by King Vishy on one of my earlier posts, provoked me to write this post on the pathetic state of affairs in our country.  
Recently I was in Tirunelveli where there is a power outage running up to 10 hours on a daily basis.  It was such a sorry state of affairs, even the inverters don't get charged properly.  Today we are in such a situation in our country, that there is acute shortage of Diesel in Chennai and Bangalore.  The reason is IT Companies and other MNC offices have bought and stored diesel in huge quantities to ensure that they have adequate power back-up.  We haven't even scrapped the tip with regard to non-conventional energy and in a country like ours, where there is so much of resources, let it be water, wind or sunshine,  it is just complete mis-management for which the future generations are going to pay a heavy price in the form of lack of job opportunities.  MNCs care a hoot, and they shift lock, stock and barrel to countries where they get the basic things like un-interruppted electricity, easy availability of land etc.,   

There are so many burning issues which this Government has failed to resolve.  It simply turns a blind eye to issues which are critical for this country starting from mis-allocation of scare natural resources, derogatory tax policies, poor connectivity and what not.  Look at the Air India problem, which is hanging in there for more than 15 days.  This Government can't even resolve a labour dispute in an airline which is 100% owned by it.  This government lacks only one thing, GOVERNANCE! I am not the first person to tell this and not going to be the last person, as well.  

On top of the lack of amenities, is the corruption,  prevalent in all forms and spheres.   It leads to increase in the cost of goods and services and makes the poor even poorer.  Corruption only helps the rich getting more richer. 

So it begs the question, do we really want to live in this country? Honestly, I accept, I get the idea, very  frequently these days, of running out of this country, if possible, forever.  But somehow, I manage to convince myself that this country has got the potential, the resources and if not today, at least tomorrow, a leader would emerge to take this country out of this sorry state of affairs.

People like King Vishy, who work abroad saving some money with the intention of coming back to India to settle down, now faces a very piquant situation in the form of absence of basic amenities, scarcity of goods, corruption and raging inflation.  I won't fault them, if they decide to leave India permanently.  They have to really think hard, do they really want to come back to a country run by thieves, scoundrels, hypocrites and idiots. 


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