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DLF launches GARDEN CITY on OMR in Chennai!!

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The much awaited DLF Homes have come to Chennai. DLF has recently launched the Garden City on OMR at an attractive price point of Rs2800/- per sq ft. I learn that ICICI Home Search is doing the pre-launch advertising. The Garden City is spread across 58.5 acres and I guess there would be some 3000 apartments in the township. The township provides lot of amenities like Hospital, Clubhouse, School (Padma Seshadri School) etc., If you read through the pre-launch offer, there are no approved plans yet but it seems already 400 flats have been blocked by prospective buyers. It has made a very good opening and lets see how this pans out in the weeks to come.

I think DLF wants to enter the Chennai market and hence offering a lower price. It also needs to build some kind of brand awareness, though not to a very great extent after their IPO. we need to wait and see what the other players who already has projects lined up in that OMR stretch does with the pricing.

With this kind of aggressive pricing by DLF, will it have a cascading effect on the overall real estate prices in Chennai? What do you say?

The entire project brief is given below. I have also attached the route map.

DLF is about to launch an integrated township GARDEN CITY on OMR in Chennai. The project will have luxury apartments - 2 / 3 BHK / school / hospital / mini mall / guest rooms / 125000 SFT Clubhouse with indoor and outdoor games facility - among many more luxury amenities.
DLF group, the leading real estate developer in India, with over 224 mn sq ft of existing development and 738 mn sq ft of planned project.

The group which has set standards in real-estate industry with mega-township projects like 3000 acres DLF city. After NCR the developer has entered other markets in the country with successful launches in Kochi and Kolkata. The same expertise and technical finesse is now being bought in Chennai.

Project details:
  • Total land extent of 58.5 acres.

  • 32 blocks with Stilt+19 floors, Basement and surface car parking.

  • 4-6 flats per floor.

  • 4 apartment types
    Type I ( 2 bedroom 2 toilet ; area around 1200 sft )
    Type II (3 bedroom 2 toilet ; area around 1480 sft ),
    Type III (3 Bedroom 3 Toilet ; area around 1680 sft )
    Type IV ( 3 bedroom 3 toilet with servant quarter ;area around 1980 sft )

  • Each block will have 3 lifts including 1 with stretcher duty

Project Location: The project is tucked away in neat corner of Semancheree, on OMR. Behind Sathyabhama University. Convenient to the entire IT destinations TIDEL PARK / SIPCOT IT PARK Siruseri / ASCENDAS / Infosys / Wipro / TCS / Cognizant etc.


  • The project will have a school by the Padmaseshadri institutions- who run some of the finest schools in Chennai.

  • A Mini mall with department store, washing facility.

  • A health care centre run by Fortis group. It will also feature a ten bed mini hospitals for medical emergencies with ambulance facility.

  • A top end clubhouse of 125000 sft ( largest in South India ) with all modern facilities. It will feature 75 room guest house ( 4-5 star category ).

  • Among the facilities the most notable is the availability of trained servants / cooks / drivers for household.

  • It will also have tenant service by DLF as per client choice.

Completion: The project completion will be 24-30 months from launch. The booking amount will be 15% of total property cost.
Price: The expected launch price for Phase 1 ( first 700 flats ) is around 2800-3000/sft. A premium of Rs. 100/sft will be applicable for flats facing landscaping. Floor rise of Rs. 30/sft will be applicable from 4th floor onwards. This pricing is nearly Rs. 700- Rs. 1000/sft less compared to other similar projects on OMR. Pl refer OMR project eye attached. Approx 2bhk will start Rs. 35L onwards and 3BHK will start Rs. 45L onwards.
Booking procedure: You need to pay Rs. 500000/- ( RS. 5 lacs ) in favour of DLF SOUTHERN HOMES PVT. LTD. Please indicate the flat area / premium or non premium pacing / floor range so that a tentative booking can be done in this soft launch scheme. The exact unit can be freexed once the plans are available ( around Jan 1st week ).


JAGS said...

This is a wrong message. DLF garden City is in Indore and not in Chennai. What is the source of your message ?

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Jags,
Actually the project brief given in the post is a introductory mailer sent on behalf of ICICI Home Search as a pre-launch offer for DLF Garden City, Chennai. Search in ICICI Home Search website, if you want more info. May be there is a Garden City by DLF in Indore, but this is a new project from DLF in Chennai.
One of my colleagues has already set up an appointment with DLF to discuss about this project today. So this is not an incorrect information.
rgds, Venkat

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Some more details....Just visited the site...You can't even get there..there is no road... DLF is planning to put a 60 Feet road from OMR to its site...
But i have seen lot of interest from people about this....

Drawback is he is asking for 9% registration charge of the FLAT and not land.... (the reason being to avoid speculators....)


Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Was in their office on saturday....crazy crowds..... they had around 10 individual rooms for briefing by marketing guys and all 10 were full all the time...with potential customers
I had to to wait for 35 mins before i could talk to a marketing exec... almost all of them are giving a cheque for blocking an apartment... (though you can withdraw later...)
Real estate is not cooling down in chennai any time soon ... i guess...
And the funny thing is all high value apartments 3BHK + servant quarters are booked full and 2BHK are available....!!!
i dont think that will happen if there are only end user customers..but may be real estate is still an good option as an investment .......
V Gopal

Kumar said...


I can see the sudden gush for these flats promoted by DLF - Garden City.
I understand the project completion will be around - say June-2010(30 months from today). Obviously there might be delays in any construction project and for a project of this scale .. let me add another 12 months, which takes me to June-2011.

Do you think it’s a wise investment to buy these flats? The reason behind my Q.

a) What will be the rental value for these flats around this time June-2011? Thoug I’m not expecting a straing forward answer ;-)
b) Only IT Cos are being promoted/developed in OMR, the guys are paid huge sums of salary, what will be the rental market. Today there is a mkt, as the supply is less and demand is more. But when promoters like DLF, Hiranandani, L&T, etc pumping to OMR, wont it make it saturated in the coming years ? We can argue either way, but fair comments please.

My thought was, If I invest the same, say 45L for a similar flat in say Valasaravakkam(Eg) or some area..I feel the rental market will be good, as the mkt is open for all walks of people.

I'm not able to convince myself to buy a flat(for investment purpose) in DLF(example) or anywhere in OMR.

Suggestions/discussion welcome.

Anonymous said...

Is DLF planning to build Row Houses and Independant villas as advertised before? If so, when will they launch Row Houses and what would be the price 2800 per sq.ft as well? Do you know any reputed builder you provided in the map build row houses or independent villas at OMR?

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Kumar,
You have raised a valid question on the number of flats coming up on the OMR stretch. It is really mind-boggling to see the number of flats proposed by all the big builders alone in the recently concluded Fairpro exhibition. Add on , the number of flats proposed by small builders. It is very much a possibility that rentals would stagnate or go down from these levels. With the IT scenario also not looking very robust, buying a flat on the OMR stretch only from an investment perspective may not be very attractive.
My personal opinion is flats as an investment may not be high yielding except in few rare instances.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

I dont think DLF has row houses. Not sure if any of the listed builders in the map is building it.
When I googled for row houses on OMR I got some hits, which may be interesting for you.
check out in google.

Anonymous said...

I am quoted 3000 /Sq ft for 3BHK flat in Vandalur park project near urapakkam rail station. 3 BHK works out to 42 lacs inclusive registration and other charges. is it a worthy investment to go for. 2 BHK is costing around 32 lacs though area is just 850 sq ft. Please advise/ Regards

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

I guess you are talking about the Desh project on the GST Road at Urapakkam.
Is it a worthy investment to go far?
The answer to this depends on the following:
1. Why you are purchasing this house? As an investment or to live?
2. What is time frame you can wait to take possession of the flat?
3. What prompts you to look for a house on the GST Road?
If you are looking only from an investment perspective only(which I am not in favour of) then there are other options to look at. Bala Abirami builders have come out with a project on the GST Road at Rs1850/- per sq.ft. This is some 10 kms from Mahindra World city closer to chingelput town. They are also building a mall "The Laurel" closer to this township. The possession would take more than 24 months from now on. If you are looking at a cheaper option on the GST Road then you may consider this.

usha said...

Just my thoughts. When I bought my house in Bangalore in 2002, the land evaluation raised very fast.In came, big players and built large number of houses.With large supply, the prices began to fall tremendously. For big companies its profitable once 50% of the house is sold.So they can stick on to their high prices still. But its difficult to selfor an individual to sell now.I am thinking if would it be the pattern in chennai too.

Kumaran said...

Hi All,

When are they planning to Launch? As of now, Nothing is happening?Can anyone please share me the Floor Plans since I live outside of Country.



dlf has reduced the price

Price : Rs.2,650/- ( early bird offer till 31st of May)

Floor rise charges (from the 4th floor) Rs. 30/floor/sft.

PLC (preferential location Charges) Rs. 100/sft. (garden facing)

Basement Car park (mandatory) Rs. 2,00,000/-, Stilt Car park – Rs.1,25,000/- , Open Car park – Rs.50,000/-.

There is also customer referral scheme, for each reference the benefit will be Rs.50/- per sft of your flat size. (but to a maximum for Rs 100/- only.)

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